Start Ghetto: No-Nonsense Goal Setting for Self-Help Haters

Reach Your Goals
Without the Self-Help Hype

Are you fed up with all the self-help hype? Do you wish there was an easier, more approachable way to reach your goals? Start Ghetto is the perfect philosophy for you! 

Start Ghetto is the no-nonsense guide to goal setting and achievement. This book provides practical advice that you can use to achieve your goals 
without all the fluff.

Start Ghetto will challenge you to work and plan within your circumstances and stop working against them.

Start Ghetto: No-Nonsense Goal Setting for Self-Help Haters
La Tetra O.

Hi, I'm La Tetra O.
accountability coach, entrepreneur, + author.

Start Ghetto: No-Nonsense Goal Setting for Self-Help Haters is your first step in working with me to get out of your head and get started.

Grab your copy and let me help you the rest of the way.

Finally, make your dreams a reality. With my book and philosophy, Start Ghetto, I’ll give you the tools to unlock your potential and turn your goals into tangible results.

Let me help you bridge the gap between what you have and what you want, so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.


Why Read Now?

Readers love that:

Start Ghetto is...

A relatable, digestible, and applicable approach to helping you identify the source of your inaction and slow action.

Readers Rave That:

Start Ghetto has...

A charge to meet yourself in honesty about the circumstances preventing you from ‘the thing’.

Readers Have Proven That:

Start Ghetto provides...

Meaningful guidance and actionable activities to help you break free from self-sabotaging loops.

Readers Say That:

Start Ghetto is like...

Shame-free coaching in your pocket.

Get the Book that has "Self-Help" Haters Saying...

Start Ghetto: No-Nonsense Goal Setting for Self-Help Haters

A self help book that is actually helpful. I LOVE this book. Usually I'm turned off by self help books, but this one really stood out to me. I plan to use the prompts from this book to help me map out my goals and address what is holding me back. It's inspirational without sounding like the cliché "hustle harder" or toxic positivity I see in other self help books. I also appreciate the author for being so transparent, everything was so relatable. I will be recommending this to my friends and discussing some topics of this book with my therapist.

Great read, highly recommend. Great book, straight to the point & no bs. As I was reading I felt that I was being held accountable for achieving my goals. If you need help goal setting this book is for you.

A Gentle Slap on the A** Despite your current circumstances and excuses (your ghettoness); Start wherever you are! A gentle slap of encouragement with lessons in goal setting and planning. Loved it!

Take the first and boldest steps to make your wildest dreams come true! With Start Ghetto, I’ll guide you through the process of recognizing, accessing, and utilizing your resources to develop a plan of action and achieve your goals. Ready to get started?

Ready to Get Started?

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