Start Ghetto: No-Nonsense Goal Setting for Self-Help Haters


Start Ghetto is 200+ pages of pulling your own card and meeting yourself where you are…however ghetto.

Easy to read.
Perfect for solo savoring or group talks.
Practical and shame-free.

Get into it!


There is something about “START WHERE YOU ARE” that seems to exclude people like me.

I couldn’t put my finger on it before, but it was easy for a person like me to feel…invisible.

Talked over, talked around. Ignored.

When I sought comfort from writers and speakers that claimed to be motivational mindset shifters capable of changing my life for good, I’d leave with nothing because they were not writing for or talking directly to me.

It wasn’t their fault. They didn’t know me and couldn’t possibly imagine my hardships. They could never know why it was so difficult for me to get out of my head and get started toward my big, scary desires.

So as soon as it clicked for me, I wrote the words that I needed to hear when I was stuck, slow to start, and recycling through my favorite self-sabotaging loop.

Start Ghetto is about embracing the unideal as a part of your success story.

Each page is a charge to meet yourself in honesty about the circumstances preventing you to do ‘the thing’. They address the real-life blockages you may be facing WITHOUT the well-meaning(?) abuse of toxic positivity you’re used to enduring in response to your real-life obstacles. In this book, you will begin to ask yourself the questions that will reveal the source of your inaction/slow action with relatable, digestible, applicable activities. You will build your own meaningfully soothing self-talk required to set goals and plan with your odds and stop working against them.


Who you callin’ ghetto?

Isn’t that word — that idea — offensive? Derogatory? Belittling? I mean…perhaps. 

If that is how you feel about being in or of the ghetto, I’m not here to convince you otherwise. However, for the purposes of this text, ghetto is the all-encompassing term for any physical, mental, or emotional space in which you feel restricted, stuck, and unable to make purpose-driven progress (as opposed to making progress for progress’s sake). Relax.

I hate Amazon. Where can I get this book?

Viva la revolution and all, but Amazon was the best tool for this book. If I could print it myself, I would. Amazon helps me distribute this book and reach people who would not otherwise have access to this text if it was left to little ol’ me. If you purchase this book even with your disdain for Bezos, you a real one. I appreciate you!

Can my kids read this book?

If you find a few cuss words offensive to your youngsters, probably not. I don’t cuss like a sailor but, I do speak freely. Sorry, boo.


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